For Your Consideration #5: Smart Home Opened Using Laser

by the Editor
Published 15/2/2020

In this article we are taking a brief look at how smart homes are not as secure as some would have you believe.

This video below shows how lasers can be used to unlock smart home doors.

Lasers are just one way of hacking smart homes. I maintain a good old fashioned strong door with a strong lock is the best way to secure your house. If someone is trying to break into a physically fortified house it is going to draw far more attention than someone discreetly hacking the house, walking in casually as if they own the place and taking your stuff.

The thing to remember if a device is branded as smart, whether that be a smart car, smart meter or smart phone, it usually isn't smart. You are placing your privacy, security and health at risk with smart devices.

If you want to do further research on this you can look at smart cars that have been remotely hacked and brought to a standstill on the roads. This technology has gone that bit too far and is not safe. That lack of safety also extends to our health with the signals being put out by these devices too.

My advice is consider very carefully if you want this technology in your house. My profession is technology and I keep a tight rein on technology in my house.

Technology has helped us in some ways I don't deny, but we would do well to be wary about letting it take a further hold on our lives.