For Your Consideration #4: AI Voice Impersonation

by the Editor
Published 8/2/2020

You may have heard of Deep Fake technology which allows videos to be made of people saying things they haven't. Lyrebird is an audio technology that does similar. If you take a look at the video you will see it is not perfected. I don't think it quite gets the right tones to the words in sentences, but it is worryingly close to being authentic and this sort of technology poses incredible risks for fraud and false convictions in court cases. If this technology polishes up a little bit, how precisely are we going to judge between real or fake audio and video in important court cases. Simply put, we won't know whether a video or audio file of someone is real or not.

The tone towards the end of this video seems to downplay just how serious the consequences of this technology are. Aside from people who have lost their voice, I am struggling to think of any good use for this technology and I can think of plenty of bad ones.

I'd urge all readers that we think about putting our foot down on technological advancements such as this. Computers do not need to go any further than what we have in mainstream use now. In fact some of the technologies we have in use should in my view be scaled back.