For Your Consideration #3: The Mark of the Beast

by the Editor
Published 11/1/2020

A good friend of mine brought this video to my attention. Recently there have been features about going cashless in the mainstream media. Now this video doesn't specifically touch on that aspect, but does touch on a one world currency.

As to what the Mark of the Beast specifically is I cannot tell you as I do not know. I advise that you read the book of Revelation. Many warn that the microchips in hands to replace cash could be the Mark of the Beast. This could be right or it could be something else. Either way I would advise not to get microchipped, firstly because if it is the Mark of the Beast you most certainly don't want to take that, but even if it isn't you are becoming a tagged and tracked individual. You would become property of the state.

I always advise to read Revelation and ask for divine revelation to understand it in the right context. I am always cautious of the warnings at the end of Revelation about taking away from or adding to it. It's a very important book and one everyone should read.

This video does contain a sales advert at the end. I am not trying to get readers to buy what is advertised, that just happens to be part of the video. I believe this video is from 2013. The currency it talks of called the Phoenix (which was also I believe an ancient Greek currency) has not come to fruition so far, but it is fairly obvious we are being pushed towards a cashless society.

What can we do? Use cash where possible, stop using the cards and don't use contactless. Do not get microchipped. For those who have a microchip, remove it.