For Your Consideration #25: Fluoride - The Great Culling?

by the Editor
Published 1/10/2021 (corrected to remove duplicate word 9/1/2022)

After the murderous antics of the four Chief Medical Officers of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in approving death jabs for children (we are now seeing injuries and deaths starting in the schools and colleges as a result of government policy to inject youngsters), the UK government and the Chief Medical Officers think they can now assist in forcing fluoride into our water supply.

I for one do not want to drink or bathe in fluoridated water. I will not pay for poisoned water and would suggest people contact their local water company and say if fluoride is put in it that you won't pay.

Some may want it in their water, but to force it into the water supply, thus putting those who don't want it in a position of having to go to extra personal expense to remove it, is totally unacceptable, although it is in keeping with the outrageous behaviour of our public servants recently.

The 4 Chief Medical Officers are:

Dr Frank Atherton, Chief Medical Officer, Wales

Dr Michael McBride, Chief Medical Officer, Northern Ireland

Dr Gregor Smith, Chief Medical Officer, Scotland

Professor Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer, England

I'd like to present this video below. As always check the information and see if it all checks out. I don't know if every point in it is true. I think the quote attributed to Adolf Hitler in it didn't come from Hitler, but don't let that spoil the rest of it. Again there is a side to this where there are concerns that putting this into drinking water can cause serious illness, but this government and its advisors aren't concerned with our health as has been obvious throughout the plandemic.