For Your Consideration #23: Keir Starmer's Disastrous Day at the Pub

by the Editor
Published 24/4/2021

Keir Starmer found himself deservedly ordered out of a pub this week by Rod Humphris of the Raven pub in Bath.

The arrogant New World Order UK leader of the opposition Keir Starmer also known as Sir Kneel Down was involved in a confrontation with a righteously angry pub landlord (Rod Humphris) who presented Keir Starmer with some facts about the plandemic.

Of course Keir Starmer had no real answers because there aren't any answers when the whole thing is a lie of Everest proportions.

More MPs need to be politely, but firmly challenged up and down the country.

You can message the Raven pub here to congratulate them if you want: The Raven of Bath | Traditional Pub | Pie & Pint

These MPs and Big Pharma are responsible for the DNR (do no resuscitate) notices placed on the elderly and disable, these same crooks are responsible for the denial of treatment to people suffering from cancers and other conditions, these people are responsible for the discharging of ill elderly people into nursing homes last year, these people are responsible for the lethal cell modifiers masquerading as vaccines that are killing and severely injuring people up and down the land.

We are already into the hundreds of thousands column for adverse reaction to the Covid-19 poison injection in the UK. It is often said only 10% of adverse reactions get reported so we could be into millions in the UK already. This is for the short term effects, we have yet to see the longer term effects of this abomination.

Make no mistake; most MPs have blood on their hands. Their actions or in some case lack of actions have seen the murder of tens of thousands (maybe even over a hundred thousand) in the UK since this plandemic started.

This is a hugely serious matter and I feel the seriousness of this requires custodial sentences (lengthy ones in some cases) for a lot of MPs, SAGE and Big Pharma. They're coming for the children next with their poison jab and crossing a real line here. Quite frankly these people to me deserve whatever befalls them if they try to harm little children. Their appalling behaviour is completely out of control and we need to collectively put our foot down and have these people in court to stop them doing further damage.

Back to Starmer, here is a video of the pub incident: