For Your Consideration #15: Arrested for Filming in a Hospital

by the Editor
Published 3/1/2021

Recently a several part video (edited to form one long on below by myself) has emerged of the Royal Hospital in Gloucester looking fairly quiet and with not many people there. I realise the counter argument may be that this video doesn't cover every ward, but watch the videos and consider if this really looks like a hospital in the grip of a highly deadly pandemic worthy of Tier 3 measures? It doesn't look that way to me, especially with the ambulances just parked up and not looking busy.

If we are really in the grip of such a pandemic as never was in the history of ever then why aren't the Nightingale Hospitals that were set up busy? The only answer to that is the truthful one which is we aren't in the middle of a pandemic. People get ill of course they do, but look around you. The way the media are going on you'd expect to see people dropping dead all over the place. It simply isn't happening. This has been going on nearly a whole year and the government response to a supposed virus which may or may not exist, is totally out of proportion to the reality of the situation. If there was no media scaremongering, people would not think this and last year any different to any other year and there would be no talk of there being a pandemic.

Think about this, nearly a year of your life has been flushed down the toilet for no reason. Why should businesses be wrecked and people driven into absolute misery over an illness which I personally have yet to see proof of isolation for and which if it does exist, the statistics tell us that it is incredibly and I do mean incredibly unlikely that you will die from? There are far more deadly things that people get every year and we don't stop living because of those do we?

A video has also emerged said to be of the lady that took the video subsequently being arrested. Her name seems to be Debbie Hicks and the video is also below. The arrest is said to be for a public order offence. As far as I am concerned this lady was doing a public service by investigating the matter. The NHS is a public service and we have a right to know the truth of what is going on within our hospitals. I find the arrest (assuming it is for the video) wholly unacceptable.

I comprehend the lady's anger in the video when she likens the police man to a Nazi. We need to realise we are in a big mess at the moment, but love also needs to come into it (she may well have been saying it with love in her heart for all I know though to try and shock them to realise what they were doing). We have to spread truth and counter the incessant one sided fearmongering from much of the mainstream media, but at the same time we must remember the love of God and try to show that to others. It is really tempting to verbally lay into people like the police in the second video below and I've done it myself at times (going overboard at times), but we must remember that even when we need to say things to people which may seem strong, do it with love behind it.

The Mirror newspaper's website gives the impression the hospital footage was filmed on 28th December 2020.

Here are the videos (click on the pictures to play):