For Your Consideration #12: Some COVID-19 Truths Come Out and Police Physically Attack Lady

by the Editor
Published 28/9/2020

I'd like to put a few things before you for your consideration. Firstly Dominic Raab seemingly admitting that 93% of positive COVID-19 PCR test results are false positives:

This doesn't cover the antibody test, but I'd like to make the point that the antibody test doesn't guarantee someone is currently infectious or whether they have ever had something as some people recover from illnesses without antibodies (or at least without detectable ones). The country is being locked on based on what some have rightly called a "casedemic".

Will we seeing rising deaths from COVID-19? I expect the normal common cold deaths will in some cases be bunged down as COVID-19 deaths to try to keep this false narrative going.

Remember this is the season for common colds. People get ill at this time of year. We've always dealt with it in the past, we don't need these restrictions now which have themselves killed far more than any COVID-19 virus was going to do.

This brings me neatly on to the conflicts of interest of Chris Whitty (financial ties with Bill Gates) and Patrick Vallance (financial interest in GlaxoSmith Klein), covered expertly by the UK Column here:

Patrick Vallance clearly has a conflict of interest in driving the climate of fear towards a vaccine geared end. He should be sacked at the very least as should Whitty for his Bill Gates ties.

Finally we finish with this outrage. As you may be aware there was a protest on 26th September in London about all the COVID-19 measures. Watch what these constables seem to think is acceptable to do to a lady (the Mail and Express decided to describe her as falling rather than being assaulted):

Truly shocking I am sure you will agree.