A Dangerous Common Purpose

by the Editor

Have you heard of Common Purpose?

I have found their tentacles cropping up all over the place including in local businesses and services.

I will start by making the point that the individuals involved with Common Purpose (known as Common Purpose Graduates) are not all going to be fully aware of the devious plot they are part of, but some of them will be.

There is a searchable member list here:

Common Purpose Membership List

Please be aware that this list is not a full and up to date list

I have touched on Common Purpose before. Click the link below to read that article:

Devolution Deception

Common Purpose is amusingly, according to Wikipedia, a criminal offence:

"The doctrine of common purpose, common design, joint enterprise, or joint criminal enterprise is a common law legal doctrine that imputes criminal liability to the participants in a criminal enterprise for all that results from that enterprise."

An interesting letter sent from Common Purpose to the Police is below:

Common Purpose Letter

You may have your own interpretation of this which differs from mine, but I see some sinister undertones here. Common Purpose try to say don't listen to those rampant conspiracy theories about us, but also seem to me to be saying "We can reject Freedom of Information requests, but we're worried that the public may be able to get at information we don't want them to have by putting the requests to the Police instead, please liaise with us to discuss how we can withhold the information".

They also basically admit that they are establishing some sort of power network by putting the so called local leaders, some of whom may be elected to serve the people under the Common Purpose banner.

Notice also that it is an "update", indicating there may have been previous correspondence on this matter.

We don't need secret little groups like this. They should be disbanded immediately. Common Purpose are being given taxpayers money and any business receiving that should surely be fully transparent to the general public, but this is 21st century Soviet Britain.

This statement I find particularly telling:

"Common Purpose Advisory Group members receive, as part of their induction, a briefing pack that clarifies "Member of Local Advisory Groups are senior decision makers who are recognised as leader in the city/area. Members should reflect the diversity of the area. All are members in their own right, not as representatives of their organisations or communities.""

I ask, if they are recognised as a leader in their local are and they are not representing their community as a senior decision maker, who are they representing? Is it their own interests? Is it the interests of Common Purpose? Is it the interests of someone or some collective hiding in the shadows?

What lawful business has Common Purpose to usurp the constitutional processes of Britain, take public money, start deciding who the leaders (and often unelected leaders at that) will be and try to stop the public knowing about certain things.

For avoidance of doubt, I believe from my own working experience that being a Common Purpose member gets you from the bottom rungs to the top rungs. At one of my workplaces someone who took a Common Purpose course ascended to near the top of the company. The position they were meant they had some influence on public spending. This person did have their good points and it may be that they were fully capable of doing that role anyway, but it is interesting to see Common Purpose members propelled into high up positions.

"Where Advisory Group members who work for public authorities have had correspondence with Common Purpose in their professional - rather than Advisory - Group capacity, this could be considered for release under the Freedom of Information Act. In these cases, the public authority would ask Common Purpose to review any materials being considered for release, in case any additional exemptions might apply."

Who exactly does this person think they are telling the Police that Common Purpose need to review what they are releasing before releasing it. One good thing though is at least someone had the guts to release that letter and expose the tactics of Common Purpose.

This is perhaps why we see the friendly British Policeman replaced with the baseball cap thug with them listening to and being trained by people like this. It is fairly obvious to see now that British Police are institutionally corrupt. There are some very good people left in the Police, but sadly they are accompanied by an array of thugs who sadistically assault the general public. I encourage those of you in the Police reading this to arrest the bad ones and get them out of the Police when the chance arises.

What can you do to expose this Common Purpose network? Talk about it, investigate it and tell others what you find. Bring it to the light so that people can see it.

As a starting point please see this excellent video from Brian Gerrish of the UK Column.