Sick and Twisted: The Baby Foreskin Beauty Treatment

by the Editor

In a week where Parliament has again broken the constitution and betrayed the people who they are there to serve, the Craven Freedom presents more evidence of the sick behaviour we are dealing with. We are dealing with people having the serum extracted from the foreskins of babies with some lab cloning process also involved, injected into their face. This sounds absolutely absurd, but this has been reported by many media sources. Look it up yourself if you don't believe me. I have saved some copies in case they scrub this from the web. If such a time comes to pass email me at and if I can, I will send you a copy of what I have to hand in this regard.

Read one article on this subject below:

These are mentally and spiritually ill people and a burden of responsibility rests with us to expose and stop them as best we can. Added to this to help them recover from these behaviours.

This perverse facial treatment which is in the realms of paedophilia as far as I am concerned is used by a lady called Kate Beckinsdale.

Many of us in the alternative media have and are warning that we are dealing with Satanists. I ask who in their right mind would even think to do this with baby foreskins to begin with?

Are they the same type of people who abuse children to "absorb energies" from them?

If you are new to this just take a step back and look at this situation. We currently have a man in jail for curing cancer using the body's own natural way of dealing with cancer (obviously that wasn't the official wording of the charge, but that is the reason he is in jail). David Noakes is also facing potential extradition to France following his expected release in the coming weeks. Indulging in rituals with baby penises is, it would seem, fine and not a prosecutable offence. Something is seriously wrong here.

Then we have Boris Johnson this week complaining about money being "spaffed up the wall" on historic child abuse investigations (read more here). I wonder if he is worried that the historic investigation will lead to the modern day paedophile Members of Parliament and perhaps expose some of his chums? Not to mention the definition of the word spaffed, which is a sexual word and to use that word in regards to child abuse to crassly dismiss what happened is poor.

The message from the cabal is clear. Cure cancer and you'll go to jail, indulge in paedophilic rituals with baby penis parts and that's fine.