BBC Calls Hammering of Paedophile Statue "Assault on Beauty"

by the Editor
Published 25/1/2022

This month has been quite eventful so far, the false pandemic narrative is now crumbling to pieces and we have a real window of opportunity to advance the line and get justice done.

The BBC has once again shown itself up in a quite remarkably outrageous comment. The BBC is well known for paedophile activity and for spending money it has extorted from the public in enabling individuals such as Jimmy Savile to abuse children.

Recently on the 12th of January, the statue with clear paedophilic undertones of Prospero and Ariel on the BBC's Broadcasting House building in London had a removal attempt by a man with a hammer.

The sculptor of this statue, Eric Gill, is said to have been a paedophile who indulged in incest and in sexual acts with his dog. Quite appalling, but also quite in keeping with the disgusting organisation, the BBC, that his statue was made for.

After the recent clearing of BLM statue smashers, surely the same should follow in this case. Even more so with the BBC and paedophilia being a big issue in the modern day in our country.

Given the BBC's recent history with paedophilia, you may have expected them to be somewhat reserved and cautious in their reporting of this statue, but what I read in the article linked below astounded me.

Man damages BBC headquarters statue with hammer - BBC News

Man damages BBC headquarters statue with hammer - BBC News (

The quote I was so astounded by is this:

"With every loud smash, there'd be a moan or a shout of "stop" from someone in the gathering crowd below. It felt brutal; an assault on beauty."

This statement is remarkably crass. To call this "brutal" and "an assault on beauty" is shocking. This is a statue that has clear undertones of paedophilia given the history of both its sculptor and of the BBC whose building it is fixed to. Are the BBC trying to beautify paedophilia or is the reporter just making a ridiculously bad choice of words?

Will the BBC now do the right thing and remove the statue or will they perhaps even have the gall to repair it?

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