Child Grooming Comes to Skipton

by the Editor
Published 4/7/2023
Some readers may be familiar with the despicable child grooming sessions that have gone on across our nation. Well we now have one of these abominable events coming to Skipton on Thursday at 1pm at the library. The council (courtesy of Councillor David Noland giving a grant according to local news) have hired a transvestite (Sab Samuel) to read to children. This is a man that sees himself as a role model to children, but has been exposed entangled in what seems to be a web of sexualised content surrounding children and explicit adult content on social media. Please take a look at the link below, but be warned it contains some extreme stuff. Also, please join the protest beginning at 12 midday outside Skipton library on Thursday 6th July 2023.

Click to read more about the perverse activities of this man

Indeed the town of Skipton itself seems to be in the grip of some sort of far left homosexualist occupation. Read what the council are up to here.