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I put many things on here which you might look at and fear, but don't. Trust God. I put these articles up to raise awareness and not to induce fear. Trust God and you'll be in a brilliant place.

Protect yourself against unlawful police activity, no need to be rude about it, but fines before conviction are unlawful:

Magna Carta:

"20. A freeman shall not be amerced for a slight offense, except in accordance with the degree of the offense; and for a grave offense he shall be amerced in accordance with the gravity of the offense, yet saving always his "contentment"; and a merchant in the same way, saving his "merchandise"; and a villein shall be amerced in the same way, saving his "wainage" if they have fallen into our mercy: and none of the aforesaid amercements shall be imposed except by the oath of honest men of the neighborhood."

Bill of Rights:

"That all grants and promises of fines and forfeitures of particular persons before conviction are illegal and void."


Fines/penalty notices such as those issued on the spot by enforcement officers are absolutely unlawful in other words. Likewise disproportionate fines are also unlawful even from a court.

Protect the constitution from this subversion of it. Keep our country free. Read the Coronavirus Bill and associated regulation, orders etc. They are not for our protection, they unlawfully give powers to people for vast lengths of time. Read them and reason for yourself.

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Latest Articles

YouGov: Nadhim Zahawi's Propaganda Machine

Published 2/3/2021 by the Editor

Nadhim Zahawi

Throughout this falsified pandemic YouGov have been publishing polls and from the ones I see, they tend to be backing up whatever the government's latest assault on freedom is.

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Obituary: Ian R Crane
Published 1/3/2021 by the Editor

Lyn, Ian and David

Over recent days the incredibly sad news of Ian R Crane's (man in the centre of the picture above) death has broken. Please take the time to read this article and if you aren't aware of Ian's work, please do take a look at it.

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Biometric Based Health and Vaccine Passports for Shops
Published 24/2/2021 by the Editor

Covid is a Scam

The Craven Freedom has warned and warned about health passports. This is not a trumpet blowing look at me, I was right exercise, it is a please listen and don't let this happen exercise.

The government are now openly displaying their deception once more. Having tried to mislead us into thinking health passports for shops won't be introduced, here they are working on that very idea (with facial recognition too).

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ID2020: Vaccine Passports for Supermarkets?
Published 19/2/2021 by the Editor

Covid is a Scam

The time to stand up and be counted is now. As the Craven Freedom and others have been warning one of the intended outcomes of the Covid-19 lie is that you will have to have some sort of app/microchip/microdot/etc to go into and buy things from shops.

Dominic Raab has made the intention clear in recent days.

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For Your Consideration #17: Manchester Cafe Owner Assaulted by Police
Published 11/2/2021 by the Editor

Sinister Policing

Years ago I felt the behaviour of the police was disturbing (as illustrated by the above image from years ago). Things have now continued down the slippery slope with a man in Manchester being assaulted by police for opening his cafe.

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Was Captain Tom Vaccinated (and Why it Matters)?
Published 8/2/2021 by the Editor

Fake News

Before his recent death, there were media reports that Captain Tom had been vaccinated with the Covid-19 injection. Now this seems to be either being memory holed or denied. I will provide some proof of this later in the article.

I must state now that I do not know if he was vaccinated or not, but I do know that the media have deceived the public, whatever the truth turns out to be.

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The Curious Case of Avril Haines
Published 2/2/2021 by the Editor

Avril Haines

The highly suspect election of Joe Biden has brought an interesting new appointment.

The appointment in question is Avril Haines being appointed as Director of National Intelligence.

This would seem to tie into the Covid-19 lie.

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For Your Consideration #16: Dr. Simone Gold on Covid-19 Vaccine
Published 25/1/2021 by the Editor


Dr. Simone Gold has delivered a very interesting speech on Covid-19 which is available in this article.

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No Jab, No Job: Tyranny is Here
Published 16/1/2021 by the Editor


Pimlico Plumbers want a no jab, no job policy, yet reckon this isn't forcing people to be vaccinated. I say it clearly is forced vaccination under the threat of not being able to work.

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Pinned Articles

Organ Donation - Make an Informed Decision

Published 20/5/2020
by the Editor

Organ Donation

It may be that you have no issue with automatically being an organ donor, but are you are aware of the practice of taking organs out of people whilst they are still alive.

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For Your Consideration #12: Some COVID-19 Truths Come Out and Police Physically Attack Lady

Published 28/9/2020 by the Editor


Raab admits PCR test positives for COVID-19 are almost all false positives, Vallance and Whitty financial ties to Big Pharma and Gates respectively exposed and the police attack a lady at protests.

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High Adverse Reactions Expected to COVID-19 Vaccine

Published 12/11/2020 by the Editor

Bill Gates

"The MHRA urgently seeks an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software tool to process the expected high volume of Covid-19 vaccine Adverse Drug Reaction (ADRs) and ensure that no details from the ADRs’ reaction text are missed."

Do not take any of these vaccines.

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Featured Articles on the Constitution

How Political Parties Corrupt the Constitution

Published 11/1/2019
Updated 21/1/2019 & 9/2/2019
Written by Martin Cruttwell (foreword by the Editor)

House of Commons

A guest article by Martin Cruttwell on how political parties are corrupting the constitution.

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The Constitution: Your Unalienable Rights
Published 6/1/2019 by the Editor

Magna Carta

Have you heard about the Constitution and your unalienable rights? Please read on...

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