5G, IoT and the Surveillance State

5G: Totnes and Kingsbridge Town Strike Back

Published 19/10/2019
by the Editor

Danger Sign

Moratoriums are being imposed on 5G by various councils. Whilst these rulings will almost certainly be ignored by the government, excellent decisions like these are huge first steps towards getting the dangers of this invasive technology imprinted in the public consciousness.

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Anti 5G Event Coming to Leeds in October
Published 27/8/2019
by the Editor

Stop 5G

Ian R Crane is bringing one of his events to Leeds in early October. Please open this article for full details and attend if you are able.

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5G, Phased Array and EMP = Targeted Vaporisations?
Published 23/7/2019
by the Editor

Stop 5G

Mark Steele is back with discussion where he discusses how 5G, phased array and EMPs could be used to literally vaporise people.

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Join the Craven Freedom's Fight Against 5G
Published 15/7/2019
by the Editor

Stop 5G

The government sadly will not listen to the evidence.

For that reason we must take the fight to a local level.

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5G Halted in Brussels
Published 3/6/2019
by the Editor

Stop 5G

A 5G pilot has been halted in Brussels over safety concerns. This excellent decision was announced by Belgian government minister Celine Fremault. She had this to say:

“I cannot welcome such technology if the radiation standards, which must protect the citizen, are not respected, 5G or not. The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit. We cannot leave anything to doubt."

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5G Apocalypse
Published 27/4/2019
by the Editor

5G Danger

As Parliament idly fails to act, a health apocalypse awaits

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Dependence on Technology
Published 1/4/2019
by the Editor


On the face of it a time where computers do our tiresome chores for us may seem like some kind of utopia, but many think that our dependence on technology will lead to us being enslaved by it and I agree that is a strong possibility and that we can see strong signs of this already within society.

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5G & IoT: Police Facial Recognition Trials Disorder Leads to £90 Fine
Published 15/2/2019
by the Editor

5G and Police

Common Purpose graduate, Cressida Dick, led Metropolitan Police have put in another sterling performance in recent days with their trial of facial recognition and so angering one man that he received an unlawful £90 fine for verbally venting his anger.

(The picture above is intended to illustrate the absurdity of the current situation and is not what was actually said at this incident)

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5G: Coming to a Lamp Post Near YouPublished 19/1/2019
Written by the Editor

Street Light 5G

Many of Craven's street lights have been made "Smart City Ready", but are we ready for the health impact?

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5G: The Microchipping Agenda
Posted 17/11/2018 by the Editor

Microchipped Hand

Biohax plan to chip some UK workers. Do not take this chip.

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5G Victory in Gateshead
Posted 13/10/2018 by the Editor


Gateshead City Council were despatched by Mark Steele at Newcastle County Court in recent days.

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BBC: The Masters of Subversion (5G Special)
Posted 26/9/2018 by the Editor

Ban the BBC

Further subversion by the BBC exposed.

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5G: The Sectionings Begin?

Posted 19/9/2018 by the Editor

Suzanne Small

Suzanne Small sectioned. Is 5G the reason?

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The EU: Filtering True News from Social Media?
Posted 17/9/2018 by the Editor

Copyright Flag

What is behind the ongoing EU Copyright Directive?

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Internet of Things: A Recipe for Disaster
Posted 26/8/2018 by the Editor

Smart Meter

From smart cars and bins to smart meters, why the Internet of Things (IoT) is anything, but smart...

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Your Biometrics are Wanted by Big Brother
Posted 24/8/2018 by the Editor


Common Purpose led MET Police roll out finger print scanners. Make sure you protect yourself...

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5G: Gateshead City Counil vs Mark Steele
Posted 17/8/2018 by the Editor
Amendments published 4/6/2019

Street Light

Gateshead City Council obtain temporary gagging order on Mark Steele...

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