5G: Gateshead City Counil vs Mark Steele

by the Editor
Published 17/8/2018 *minor corrections to spellings made on 24/8/2018 - content not changed.
Amendments published 4/6/2019

No to 5G

It has come to my attention in recent days that Gateshead City Council have been successful in acquiring a temporary gagging order on technology expert Mark Steele.

If you aren't aware of Mark Steele, he has done some excellent talks on 5G, Phased Array and the Internet of Things (IoT). He has done 2 episodes of Humanity vs Insanity alongside Ian R Crane which are well worth watching. Links will be provided at the bottom of the article (if these videos get taken down then please search them out elsewhere or contact me via the contact page for copies).

Gateshead City Council is led by Martin Gannon for anyone who wants to politely contact him.

Now we come to the question of why Gateshead City Council have taken out this gagging order.

The residents of Gateshead Steele says are basically in a test bed for these new 5G frequencies and for Phased Array (Gateshead City Council have tried to deny this, but Mark Steele has presented his evidence in his many videos). Mark Steele has linked this to bizarre and horrific ailments and miscarriages in the area and shown the catastrophic effect these military technologies have on our bodies. There has been a big increase in nose bleeds and Mark also lays out the evidence that the gradual increase in microwave frequencies and the many different types that have been added to over the years coincide directly with the increase of cancer and dementia. 5G and Phased Array would put this up a lot more. At this point you would think Gateshead City Council would thank him, immediately remove these technologies or cease plans for any such technologies to be introduced where they haven't been and reward him.

Gateshead City Council have instead gone after Mark through the courts. My message to Gateshead City Council would be that you are there to protect the men, women and children of the area. Why are you attacking a man who is doing the job you should be doing? If he is a mere looney spouting nonsense why waste your time taking him to court?

For balance there are those in the anti 5G movement who do have concerns about Mark Steele. An article from Annie Logical is listed at the foot of this article. Whether you consider Steele a true part of the truth movement or a double agent, his presentations are well worth a look if you are new to the dangers of 5G. I make no judgment on Mark Steele. I am not a reader of hearts, but I do find his presentations very useful and I hope he is one of the good guys.

5G Streetlight

The Craven Herald reported recently that something like 10,000 LED street lights have gone up in Craven. These street lights are smart city ready so if this agenda isn't stopped we will see something similar in Craven to what has gone on in Gateshead. Antenna will be attached to out street lights and ailments will increase.

The Craven Freedom will be pushing hard to make sure 5G and Phased Array and IoT are not rolled out across Craven so expect more articles on these subjects to follow.

On a personal note I would like to give my thanks to Mark Steele for his excellent work so far. It could be crucial in stopping this agenda. His videos have taught me a lot of things I didn't know about the health aspect of these technologies.

At the bottom of this article you will also find a link to a very lengthy PDF file. I am going to pick some elements out of there to illustrate what we already face in society. Then remember 5G and in particular Phased Array would massively ramp this up.

Before 1897 there was virtually no EMR.

The 1920s saw the introduction of AM radio and the 1930s brought radar. Microwave sickness was first reported in 1932 in Germany.

From the 1970s onwards when home computers and in the 1980s and onwards when mobile phones started creeping in, we have subsequently seen the amount of wireless technologies going up. Since the turn of the century this phenomena has exploded. Those of us who can remember before WiFi routers can testify Britain was a very different place and better in a lot of ways for it.

This quote from Paul Brodeur is very telling:

"Microwave radiation can blind you, alter your behaviour, cause genetic damage, even kill you. The risks have been hidden from you by the Pentagon, the State Department, and the electronics industry. With this book, the microwave cover-up is ended."

“The Zapping of America” Paul Brodeur (1977)

This quote is correct and Mark Steele elaborates on these facts in a presentation available on the Alternative View 9 box set which is available from Ian R Crane, the UK Column and other sources. If you don't want to buy it, the presentation will be made free online most likely, in due course.

In conclusion, we need to open our minds to the fact we are being lied to on an industrial scale. Most don't have time to do the research themselves so trust the flawed, wrong or manipulated studies done by globalist organisations and thinktanks. We free men, women and children need to use our God given abilities to respectfully question the incorrect statements we are told by the government,some in the medical profession, Police, the telecommunications profession and many others. Ask the right questions, point out the obvious flaws. It is amazing what starts to happen when you do.

There are lots of good people within the Police, NHS, the government and within the IT and telecommunications professions. If we can let them see they have the support of the everyday man and woman in exposing this dangerous agenda that is unfolding in Britain and across the Earth, then together we may be able to stop this.

Action YOU can take
Write to, call or email local MP Julian Smith. His details are below:

Postal Address:
The House of Commons, London, SW1 0AA

01756 795898 (Constituency Office) or 0207 219 4866 (Westminister Office)

Email: julian.smith.mp@parliament.uk

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