5G Victory in Gateshead

by the Editor
Published 13/10/2018

Not long ago, I wrote about the awful actions taken against Mark Steele. In the past few days something that I didn't expect has happened, a judge has stood up to be counted and ruled against the antics of Gateshead City Council.

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Please watch Ian R. Crane's video, including a speech from a victorious Mark Steele below.

This is a pivotal moment in this battle. Mark Steele who is one of the leading men on this issue in Britain is now free to take Gateshead City Council and others to task over this shocking technology.

Judge Nolan did the right thing and looked at the evidence. This judge deserves recognition. It would have been so easy for him to go along with the corrupt actions of Gateshead City Council, but he didn't. I believe he got a well deserved applause at the court case.

I urge all readers to talk about this. 5G can be stopped. This is a major breakthrough.

I intend to be back with the concluding part of Craven Freedom's investigation into Educate and Celebrate in the coming days. In addition to that we have an investigation into treason in Yorkshire coming up. Please keep a look out for those articles which are coming very soon.