5G Apocalypse

by the Editor

The video below was brought to my attention by a couple of people.

I can recommend watching it if you want to be informed about just how big a health hazard 5G (and other frequencies) are.

I have spoken with various government departments about this and they do not want to know. They are not interested in any of the evidence whether it be about the health impacts or the security impacts such as driverless cars being hacked. The evidence is dismissed with cut and paste sentences and you are palmed off.

It's much like with the European Union issue, it's a case of shut up and go away. They aren't interested, they are pursuing agendas which would if they came to full fruit destroy us.

I don't think the people of Craven and beyond here, the people of Britain are going to stand for this. I am not one who likes to stir up discontent or to provoke deliberate divisions. The guilty party here are the government and we are their bosses constitutionally. We need to sack them for abuse of office. Whether it be sheer incompetence, laziness or outright corruption many Members of Parliament are not doing their jobs. We should still continue to grill them over this though as some are bound to eventually listen as this threatens to kill and injure them too.

From what I have heard there is going to be a wave of 5G cities setup soon and then a second wave of 5G cities. I believe Leeds is in the second wave and that is not far from us. This is a crime, there is no doubt about this.

This is a long video, but worth watching.

Stop 5G