BBC: The Masters of Subversion (Novichok Special)

by the Editor
Published 11/9/2018 (written 10/9/2018)

The BBC has made many productions which I have enjoyed such as Dad's Army, Steptoe and All Creatures Great and Small. These days however, they seem to mainly deal in lies and subversion.

The absurd Novichok story has been rumbling on for several months now and whether it has been Police searching for a lethal military grade nerve agent wearing gloves, but with bare arms or whether it has being the hospital staff who treated the Skripals taking no precautions for nerve agents (as they weren't aware), but suffering no contamination whilst the police did, nothing seems to add up about this bizarre and ridiculous saga.

Put simply the story as presented cannot be true. For a start the Russian government angle is so farcical it beggars belief. The Russian government could have done this man in on the quiet. There is a weapon called the heart attack gun that leaves no trace. Why would they deploy a military grade nerve agent on the streets of the UK? Clearly no such thing has happened as there would have been mass deaths and that would quite possibly have caused World War 3.

Has something been deployed in Salisbury? Quite possibly, maybe dodgy heroin, maybe some sort of poison, but a military grade nerve agent? I think not. Could Russia be behind these attacks. It's theoretically possible, but I don't think it is likely. If the Russian state wanted the Skripals dead and had despatched agents, they'd have killed discreetly and efficiently.

We should concentrate more on events at home where we the people are being lied to on a daily basis by our government. I would argue there is a cast iron case for Theresa May to be put on trial for treason (and other offences).

I read this deft piece of subversion last night and cannot allow such sheer underhand lies to go unchallenged. The link to the propaganda from the BBC is below:

Sergei Skripal and the Russian Disinformation Game
By Joel Gunter & Olga Robinson

The BBC comment on the publication of 2 photos showing the supposed Novichok deployers coming through Heathrow gates at exactly the same time. According to the BBC those raising queries about this (presumably including me) are pro-Kremlin and suspected trolls. What I would say is how dare a proven paedophile organisation try to discredit people who are actually thinking. Quite clearly most thinking people were saying the gates are probably uniform, but it is strange that they came through seemingly at the same second. This in itself is obviously meaningless, but when you pull in other facets of this bundle of garbage these images tell a big story.

The pictures are below. These men supposedly had Novichok at their hotel and left traces so it seems it either wasn't contained properly or became compromised at the hotel. Either they brought it in with them or obtained it inside Britain. That raises the questions of if they brought it in and it was securely contained, how did it not get noticed at customs? If it wasn't securely contained, how were they not poisoned. The pictures show they were not wearing hazmat suits.

How did they, or any of the hotel staff for that matter escape poisoning at the hotel? Are we to suppose the entire staff wear hazmat suits and that these 2 wore hazmat suits from hotel to door handle where they are rumoured to have placed it. Do we have any CCTV of men in Hazmat suits approaching the Skripal residence?

This photo from the Russian Embassy says it all. Handling Novichok without proper protection and decontamination measures is suicide.



Perhaps they all just had a supply of baby wipes as recommended by Public Health England for dealing with Novichok.

The BBC seem concerned that there are multiple stories and theories about these events and that some might think the real story is not known. Well here is some real news for the BBC. We do not know what the real story is. That is why we are discussing and analysing what is coming out for, so that we can try and find the truth. A concept totally alien to the BBC.

The BBC seems hurt that the Russian Embassy gave them no comment, but why would they? I am not pro or anti Putin or Russia, but anything they did say to the BBC would be twisted so why would they speak to the BBC?

The BBC also seem to think Russia are trying to confuse people in a quote they issue from Ben Nimmo. This from the corporation who broadcast "No More Boys or Girls", a sickening piece of child abuse to try and remove genders from a school. The C in BBC could easily stand for confusion.

One quote I would like to look at is "The goal is no longer to deny or disprove an official version of events, it is to flood the zone with so many competing versions that nothing seems to make sense". That seems exactly what the BBC and Mainstream Media have done with the Skripal Saga. One day it's door handle poisoning, the next it is a car ventilation system. We have lethal nerve agents with miraculously high recovery rates and the ability to go to dinner before they kick in.

No BBC, the goal for us trying to work out the truth is to cut through your lies, bring all the stories together, expose the clear lies and try to find the truth.

So the BBC haven't actually looked at the evidence. They have tried to rubbish the whole lot by proving that the gates at the airport are identikit which is what a lot of us looking for the truth would have suspected anyway. In and amongst all that drivel they wrote they did not address how these men managed to handle and deliver Novichok whilst not wearing protective clothing (I will say that I didn't watch the embedded videos as I had no desire to do so).

BBC and Theresa May, you and the government are lying to the people.