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Lyn Thyer to be Extradited to France

Published 16/5/2019
by the Editor

Lyn Thyer

A wrong judgment from Judge Supperstone has paved the way for the French medical authorities to get their hands on Lyn Thyer.

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Propaganda of the Week #4: The BBC too Impartial?!!!

Published 9/5/2019
by the Editor

Laughing Girl

Once again the BBC are the subject of propaganda of the week. Although this time the article was produced by another source, the writer has produced material for the BBC. The source in question is Jack Peat at The London Economic.

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David Noakes the Cancer Cure Man is Free (For Now)

Published 1/5/2019
by the Editor

David Noakes is Free

It is with great delight that I report that brave David Noakes is free from prison.

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5G Apocalypse
Published 27/4/2019
by the Editor

5G Danger

As Parliament idly fails to act, a health apocalypse awaits

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Our King: Remembering His Death and Resurrection
Published 20/4/2019
by the Editor

Chains of Sin Broken

We remember at this time of year the heroic and selfless actions of our King, the Son of God.

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National State of Emergency: Theresa May Strikes Again
Published 17/4/2019
by the Editor

Happy Families

Another unlawful extension. We have a national emergency...

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Not for Profit Shop Open
Published 10/4/2019
by the Editor


In order to raise further awareness of the high level criminality taking place in our nation, the Craven Freedom has opened a shop selling T-shirts, mugs and other items.

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The EU: We Must Learn the Lesson from History
Published 8/4/2019
by the Editor

Leave Means Remain

We were lied to in the 1970s and are being lied to again. Look to the past to see what the elite plan for our future.

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Dependence on Technology
Published 1/4/2019
by the Editor


On the face of it a time where computers do our tiresome chores for us may seem like some kind of utopia, but many think that our dependence on technology will lead to us being enslaved by it and I agree that is a strong possibility and that we can see strong signs of this already within society.

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The Truth is a Criminal Offence
Published 25/3/2019
by the Editor

Thought Police

The sad and sorry state of British law enforcement is laid bare as Guildford Police and the CPS harrass and intimidate woman for telling the truth.

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Operation Comeuppance
Published 20/3/2019
by the Editor

Behind Bars

A website seeking to progress a crowdfunded private prosecution of Theresa May and Oliver Robbins has appeared...

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Sick and Twisted: The Baby Foreskin Beauty Treatment
Published 16/3/2019
by the Editor

Beauty Treatment

A beauty treatment involving baby foreskins shows the levels of depravity plumbed by the elite.

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Scripture: Nehemiah Chapter 5
Published 9/3/2019
by the Editor

UK National Debt

What lessons from Nehemiah Chapter 5 can be applied today with regards debt and poverty?

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GcMAF Persecution Continues
Published 9/3/2019
by the Editor

UK National Debt

Do you or anyone you know have cancer. If so GcMAF should be of great interest to you, but Big Pharma are trying to shut it down.

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Propaganda of the Week #3
Published 1/3/2019
by the Editor

EU Sycophants

Once again the EU sycophants at the BBC win this award for their attempt to dismiss the fact that the Magna Carta still stands in the Common Law of this land and as an agreement between the Crown and the people, it is not something that Parliament can annul.

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Organ Donation: Done Whilst Patients Remain Alive
Published 22/2/2019
by the Editor

Organ Harvesting

As Parliament continue to push for deemed consent in regards to organ donation, are you aware of this practice being carried out on alive patients with no anaesthetic?

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5G & IoT: Police Facial Recognition Trials Disorder Leads to £90 Fine
Published 15/2/2019
by the Editor

5G and Police

Common Purpose graduate, Cressida Dick, led Metropolitan Police have put in another sterling performance in recent days with their trial of facial recognition and so angering one man that he received an unlawful £90 fine for verbally venting his anger.

(The picture above is intended to illustrate the absurdity of the current situation and is not what was actually said at this incident)

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Propaganda of the Week #2
Published 9/2/2019
Updated 10/2/2019
by the Editor

Crying Baby with Injection

Big pharma in trouble? Call the BBC.

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A Dangerous Common Purpose
Published 2/2/2019
by the Editor

Common Purpose

A so called political charity called Common Purpose is at work in the United Kingdom, but what is it up to?

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Scripture: The Creation Part 2
Published 27/1/2019
by the Editor


The concluding part of a study into the creation account in the book of Genesis.

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Propaganda of the Week #1
Published 24/1/2019
by the Editor


The first in what may become a regular series looks at an article from Doncaster Free Press.

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5G: Coming to a Lamp Post Near You
Published 19/1/2019
Written by the Editor

Street Light 5G

Many of Craven's street lights have been made "Smart City Ready", but are we ready for the health impact?

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How Political Parties Corrupt the Constitution
Published 11/1/2019
Updated 21/1/2019 & 9/2/2019
Written by Martin Cruttwell (foreword by the Editor)

House of Commons

A guest article by Martin Cruttwell on how political parties are corrupting the constitution.

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The British Constitution: Your Unalienable Rights
Published 6/1/2019 by the Editor

Magna Carta

Have you heard about the British Constitution and your unalienable rights? Please read on...

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Treason: The Next 3 Months
Published 28/12/2018 by the Editor


The next 3 months are huge. If we want to stop the EU, we need to act. Action conquers fear.

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Scripture: The Solution to Mans' Problems
Published 22/12/2018 by the Editor


A look at the solution has God provided us to the ongoing problem of sin.

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Mainstream Lies: Where is Truth?
Published 15/12/2018 by the Editor


Do you want absolute proof of paedophile activity, blackmail and cover up at Westminster? Read on as we look at mainstream media lies.

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The Great British Mortgage Swindle
Posted 7/12/2018 by the Editor

Mortgage Swindle

If I said mortgages were an act of fraud by the banks, would you believe me? Take a look at this information and make your mind up.

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Cure Diseases = Go to Jail
1/12/2018 by the Editor


Brave David Noakes gets 15 months inside.

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The Plight of David Noakes
24/11/2018 by the Editor

David Noakes

The man facing jail for curing cancer.

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5G: The Microchipping Agenda
Posted 17/11/2018 by the Editor

Microchipped Hand

Biohax plan to chip some UK workers. Do not take this chip.

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Scripture: Proverbs 15, Verse 1
Posted 11/11/2018 by the Editor

Helping Hand

"A soft answere turneth away wrath: but grieuous words stirre vp anger."
A brilliant piece of advice, which we will take a brief look at.

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Treason: EU Military Unification
Posted 9/11/2018 by the Editor

Theresa May

The great betrayal is afoot. The British military is being put under unified EU command. This agenda affects all nations.

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Treason: A Major Deception
Posted 3/11/2018 by the Editor

John Major

A look at more deception around the EU issue, focused on comments from John Major and George Osborne.

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Treason: The Devolution Deception
Posted 27/10/2018 by the Editor


As our local councils prepare to implement the EU plan of regionalisation, the Craven Freedom takes a look at the Treason going on in Britain. An enemy lurks within.

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Earthquakes Greet the Freed Fracking Three
Posted 21/10/2018 by the Editor

The Fracking Three

The fracking three are freed, but their return to the battlefield is marred by earthquakes courtesy of Cuadrilla.

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The Abuse of Our Children Part 2
Posted 16/10/2018 by the Editor

Police Promote Sodomy

The second part of our investigation in to the spiritual attack being directed by sodomites in our country.

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5G Victory in Gateshead
Posted 13/10/2018 by the Editor


Gateshead City Council were despatched by Mark Steele at Newcastle County Court in recent days.

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The Abuse of our Children Part 1
Posted 8/10/2018 by the Editor

Spiritual Cleaning

This country needs spiritual cleaning. The sodomites are attacking our children. We must turn the tide...

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BBC: The Masters of Subversion (LGBT Special)
Posted 3/10/2018 by the Editor

Three Brave Men

An intricate web involving the BBC, Bewsey Lodge School, paedophile sympathiser Peter Tatchell, Children in Need and an LGBT school curriculum insertion is exposed. We must champion the proper family unit.

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Fracking: Environmental Protesting Viewed as Bigger Crime than Paedophilia
Posted 29/9/2018 by the Editor

Three Brave Men

The above men are victims of the corporate menace. They stood up to the bullies. Read the full story of their shocking treatment in this article...

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BBC: The Masters of Subversion (5G Special)
Posted 26/9/2018 by the Editor

Ban the BBC

Further subversion by the BBC exposed.

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Skipton Magistrates Court Breaches the Magna Carta
Posted 23/9/2018 by the Editor

Skipton Magistrates Court

Skipton Magistrates Court breaches the Magna Carta with recent ruling.

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5G: The Sectionings Begin?

Posted 19/9/2018 by the Editor

Suzanne Small

Suzanne Small sectioned. Is 5G the reason?

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The EU: Filtering True News from Social Media?
Posted 17/9/2018 by the Editor

Copyright Flag

What is behind the ongoing EU Copyright Directive?

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Scripture: The Creation Part 1
Posted 13/9/2018 by the Editor


A study in to the creation account in the book of Genesis.

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BBC: The Masters of Subversion (Novichok Special)
Posted 11/9/2018 by the Editor

Novichok Recall

The web of deceit at the BBC continues apace...

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Little Miss Baby Wipes Promotes Murder of Unborn
Posted 7/9/2018 by the Editor

Baby Wipes

Chief Medical Officer promotes murder of unborn...

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Help Each Other

Posted 3/9/2018 by the Editor


An invitation to you. Let's meet together and help each other...

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Vaccination Series Part 1:
What is a Vaccination?
Posted 1/9/2018 by the Editor


What is a vaccination. We begin our investigation...

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BBC Invade Local Journalism Throughout the Country
Posted 28/8/2018 by the Editor

The BBC embed "Local Democracy Reporters" in local news throughout the country...

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Internet of Things: A Recipe for Disaster
Posted 26/8/2018 by the Editor

Smart Meter

From smart cars and bins to smart meters, why the Internet of Things (IoT) is anything, but smart...

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Your Biometrics are Wanted by Big Brother
Posted 24/8/2018 by the Editor


Common Purpose led MET Police roll out finger print scanners. Make sure you protect yourself...

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5G: Gannon Faces the Old Cold Steele?
Posted 17/8/2018 by the Editor


Gateshead City Council obtain temporary gagging order on Mark Steele...

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The Beginning
Posted 15/8/2018 by the Editor

The Beginning

An introduction to the Craven Freedom...

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