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Please note that many sites and media presentations are referenced as parts of articles on this site. Some contain scriptures. This does not mean that I approve or disapprove of the context and meaning those sites are attributing to verses. I would not want to add to or take away from God's word. With any scripture, please find the true meaning.

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I put many things on here which you might look at and fear, but don't. Trust God. I put these articles up to raise awareness and not to induce fear. Trust God and you'll be in a brilliant place.

Protect yourself against unlawful police activity, no need to be rude about it, but fines before conviction are unlawful:

Magna Carta:

"20. A freeman shall not be amerced for a slight offense, except in accordance with the degree of the offense; and for a grave offense he shall be amerced in accordance with the gravity of the offense, yet saving always his "contentment"; and a merchant in the same way, saving his "merchandise"; and a villein shall be amerced in the same way, saving his "wainage" if they have fallen into our mercy: and none of the aforesaid amercements shall be imposed except by the oath of honest men of the neighborhood."

Bill of Rights:

"That all grants and promises of fines and forfeitures of particular persons before conviction are illegal and void."


Fines/penalty notices such as those issued on the spot by enforcement officers are absolutely unlawful in other words. Likewise disproportionate fines are also unlawful even from a court.

Protect the constitution from this attempted subversion of it. Keep Britain free. Read the Coronavirus Bill. It is not for our protection, it unlawfully gives powers to people for unknown lengths of time. Read it and reason for yourself.

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Latest Articles

The Great COVID-19 Mistake

Published 30/5/2020
by the Editor

Organ Donation

It is becoming more and more obvious by the day that anything that may have been going around is more or less over and done with. We are now even seeing Professor Adrian Hill bemoaning that COVID-19 is disappearing too quickly for a vaccine to be made effectively. Please awaken, the official narrative does not hold water when you examine it.

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Organ Donation - Make an Informed Decision
Published 20/5/2020
by the Editor

Organ Donation

It may be that you have no issue with automatically being an organ donor, but are you are aware of the practice of taking organs out of people whilst they are still alive.

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Do Not Fear
Published 16/5/2020
by the Editor

Peaceful Meadow

Is the country returning to God and what is going on with behavioural change tactics being used on us by the government?

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Policing the News?
Published 8/5/2020
by the Editor

Oscar Blaketon

I've noticed in recent days a rising rhetoric which seems to be saying you can only take information about the Coronavirus from "official sources" such as the NHS and challenging people not to share information from other sources.

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What is Going on?
Published 3/5/2020
by the Editor


As Britain still remains in an unlawful lockdown, questions must be asked.

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CoronaGates, 5G and Lockdown vs Non Lockdown
Published 22/4/2020
by the Editor

Bill Gates

A look at non-lockdown countries faring better than lockdown countries, 5G and the web of Bill Gates and his Foundation.

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Classic Hymns
Published 13/4/2020
by the Editor


With our ancient freedoms under grave threat what better time to remember He who rose from the grave. Enjoy these classic hymns and worship our Father God from your heart deeply.

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Featured Articles on the Constitution

How Political Parties Corrupt the Constitution

Published 11/1/2019
Updated 21/1/2019 & 9/2/2019
Written by Martin Cruttwell (foreword by the Editor)

House of Commons

A guest article by Martin Cruttwell on how political parties are corrupting the constitution.

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The British Constitution: Your Unalienable Rights
Published 6/1/2019 by the Editor

Magna Carta

Have you heard about the British Constitution and your unalienable rights? Please read on...

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