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I put many things on here which you might look at and fear, but don't. Trust God. I put these articles up to raise awareness and not to induce fear. Trust God and you'll be in a brilliant place.

Protect yourself against unlawful police activity, no need to be rude about it, but fines before conviction are unlawful:

Magna Carta:

"20. A freeman shall not be amerced for a slight offense, except in accordance with the degree of the offense; and for a grave offense he shall be amerced in accordance with the gravity of the offense, yet saving always his "contentment"; and a merchant in the same way, saving his "merchandise"; and a villein shall be amerced in the same way, saving his "wainage" if they have fallen into our mercy: and none of the aforesaid amercements shall be imposed except by the oath of honest men of the neighborhood."

Bill of Rights:

"That all grants and promises of fines and forfeitures of particular persons before conviction are illegal and void."


Fines/penalty notices such as those issued on the spot by enforcement officers are absolutely unlawful in other words. Likewise disproportionate fines are also unlawful even from a court.

Protect the constitution from this attempted subversion of it. Keep Britain free. Read the Coronavirus Bill and associated regulation, orders etc. They are not for our protection, they unlawfully give powers to people for vast lengths of time. Read them and reason for yourself.

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Latest Articles

For Your Consideration #11: LGBT Threats to Burn Church

Published 18/9/2020 by the Editor


The image above illustrates how our police force has become in parts. Down south, a Pastor who bravely stood up to LGBT bullying and reported threats of arson was basically warned off by the police.

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Hancock Backs LGBT Lessons in Schools and Netflix Publishes Child Pornography
Published 12/9/2020 by the Editor

Treason Within

Matt Hancock is now endorsing LGBT lessons for innocent children. Meanwhile, Netflix publishes child pornography. Why?

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Treason in the United Kingdom
Published 5/9/2020 by the Editor

Stop EU Defence Union

The UK Column has returned with information about Treason in the UK as British troops serve under EUFOR command. Aren't we meant to have left the European Union?

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CommonPass - A Slippery Slope
Published 29/8/2020
by the Editor

Microchip in Hand

For many years the microchipping of people for purposes such as tracking, purchasing and selling have been warned against. Those of us warning against them have been dismissed as lunatics.

Well those warnings given are clearly now becoming valid. Take a look at CommonPass being touted by one of the main players in this earth wide scam, the World Economic Forum. The World Economic Forum were heavily involved in Event 201 which was a simulated Coronavirus pandemic exercise taking place just before all this COVID-19 stuff kicked off. That of course though was just a coincidence and not at all linked.

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"British" Regime Attacks Children
Published 25/8/2020
by the Editor


Some truly sickening acts have been perpetrated in recent days.

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Health Passports Backed by Blair, Hunt and Hague
Published 22/8/2020
by the Editor


Readers of a certain age may remember the debate about us having ID cards here in Great Britain back when Blair was Prime Minister. That never came to fruition, but Blair is back trying to push what is probably an even more malignant version of that scheme with health passports. He is backed up by Jeremy Hunt a current Conservative Member of Parliament and by William Hague former Member of Parliament for the Conservatives, former Tory leader, former leader of the House of Commons and he is also a current member of the House of Lords.

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We Must Not Do Nothing
Published 10/8/2020
by the Editor


Anyone who has heard the appalling conduct going on in parts of Australia with people under house arrest needs to know that this madness could descend here if the likes of Matt Hancock aren't stopped.

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Local Lockdowns: Divide and Conquer
Published 1/8/2020
by the Editor

Fake News

We now have local lockdowns and divide and conquer tactics to cause tension between communities.

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Ipsos MORI Translates as They Die
Published 25/7/2020
by the Editor


Ipsos MORI, a company involved with testing translates from Latin as they die.

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Pinned Article

Organ Donation - Make an Informed Decision

Published 20/5/2020
by the Editor

Organ Donation

It may be that you have no issue with automatically being an organ donor, but are you are aware of the practice of taking organs out of people whilst they are still alive.

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Featured Articles on the Constitution

How Political Parties Corrupt the Constitution

Published 11/1/2019
Updated 21/1/2019 & 9/2/2019
Written by Martin Cruttwell (foreword by the Editor)

House of Commons

A guest article by Martin Cruttwell on how political parties are corrupting the constitution.

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The British Constitution: Your Unalienable Rights
Published 6/1/2019 by the Editor

Magna Carta

Have you heard about the British Constitution and your unalienable rights? Please read on...

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